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  • The Marist International University College (MIUC) is a Constituent College of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). The College is a Roman Catholic institution of higher learning founded in 1986 by the Marist Brothers of the Schools, an International Institute of Religious Brothers located in over 79 countries worldwide, and with headquarters in Rome, Italy.
    The proprietor of MIUC is the Conference of Major Superiors of the Marist Brothers in Africa and Madagascar. The Marist Congregation dedicates itself to the education of young people in primary, secondary and tertiary educational centers and works for the education of youth outside mainstream educational institutions. As a Marist College, it is committed to Marist Educational Values of Presence, Simplicity, Family Spirit, Love for Work and In the Way of Mary.



Currently, the collection stands at over 43,141 volumes of books, over 130 different journal titles, more than 300 video titles, over 200 DVDs and a couple of educational CD-ROMs’ among other information resource materials.


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To provide holistic education that will equip the students with Christian values, knowledge and skills for the work of Christian education and development of society.

To be a leading international educational institution that forms graduates who are agents of liberation, transformation and development of humanity. This is in tandem with our motto: "You are the Light of the.

There is a popular African phrase that says: “When you want to go fast‐ go alone,and when you want to go far ‐go with others.” Our wish is to go far in our quest to provide quality education and training; and it is my plea to all students, staff, parents and stakeholders to join us in this epic and challenging journey to tremendous greatness.