Founders Day Celebration

Event Description

June 6th is Founder’s Day. We celebrate the life of St. Marcellin Champagnat who founded the Marist brothers close to 200 years ago. His life’s work was dedicated to directing young people to the loving arms of Christ, while equipping with knowledge and life skills. This celebration shall be held in all the 78 countries that the Marist family is to be found.
Here in Kenya, we shall hold a Mass, a luncheon for all our friends and sports activities to commemorate this wonderful occasion.

All are welcome to attend.

Saint Marcellin Joseph Benedict Champagnat (20 May 1789 – 6 June 1840) was born in Le Rosey, village of Marlhes, near St. Etienne (Loire), France. He was the founder of the Marist Brothers, a religious congregation of brothers in the Roman Catholic Church devoted to Mary and dedicated to education.